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Hello world, I guess

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Even the longest journey begins with a single step. Even 2326th attempt at starting my own blog begins with ‘hello world’.

Ugh. I was in this position so many times.

Another blog. Looking at my text editor trying to figure out what I wanted to say. Wondering if I manage to keep my enthusiasm alive for more than one article. That weird mix of anxiety and excitement before hitting ‘Publish’.

This journey is no different than any others. I’m not going to pretend I have it all figured out. I am definitely older and slightly more experienced than my former self snapshotted by Wayback Machine decades ago, but apart from that, not much has changed. I’m still a random human being with no clear idea what I’m doing.

One thing I know is that it’s not about pleasing other people any more. It’s first and foremost about myself. This is in fact crucial for keeping this site going.

Yes, this site is publicly available online and I indeed want it to be read by other people. But I’m not aspiring to be your favorite online writer, life mentor, tutor or even entertainer. I’m doing this because pouring my thoughts into text lets me free my mind. Reclaiming mental capacity feels good. More space for new fun stuff, yay.

This journey is particular for one more reason: unlike my previous takes at blogging, for this one I’m not using my native language. Filtering my ideas through limited range of words is enjoyable, yet quite a demanding challenge. Out of a sudden it turns out I can’t use my old playbook of shortcuts like cheap nostalgia, awkard mannerisms, unnecessary wordiness or metaphors nobody understands. I hate looking at my past writing for this reason, but well, shrug.

I’m here to tell my own story, share my thoughts on stuff I find worthy of discussion, maybe post a hack or two to problems you and I are struggling with. I might occasionally mix facts with opinions and neglect to draw a clear line between the two for cheap laugh. I might sometimes yell at clouds or reminisce the past and I bear no responsibility for you wasting time reading this.

Most importantly though, I’m here to contribute more heat to our shared entropy and see what happens next.

My name is Luke and this is my blog.

Let’s effin’ do this.

Originally published on by Łukasz Wójcik